When To Know If You Need Air Purification In Your Home

Do you need air purification in your home? How can you tell? Do you have odors in your home that you need to combat? Maybe you have allergies or respiratory system issues that would be relieved by cleaner air?

Those are are valid reasons. For me, it was sneezing and wheezing that caused me to want to get an air purifier. I lived in an apartment when I first bought my air cleaning machine. The building I lived in didn’t really have any sort of major ventilation systems or anything, so the air would get pretty rough if I didn’t have something that was processing it in some fashion. I have cats in my apartment too, which really adds another dimension to the clean air battle.

Yeah, a person can always open windows, but some times you need to attack the dirty air at the source. You need to get inside of it’s domain and clean it up from the inside.

If you have any sort of issues with breathing or airborne allergies, you really should consider the use of a home air purifier unit. It should be something that you can move around your home easily if you would need to use it in different areas while you do different things. Me, for example, I like to spend time in my living room, my bedroom and my studio. All three are decent size rooms, but none of them are overly large. I like to move the air purifier into each room as I am spending time in there. I will move it into the  studio if I’m working in there. I will move it into the bedroom when I’m sleeping at night. I’ll move it into the living room if I’m hanging out there on the evenings or weekends. It’s nice to be able to unplug it and just wheel it into another room.

Of course, I don’t religiously wheel it around from room to room all the time. Sometimes the air quality is pretty decent even without having the air purifier running in the same room, so I don’t need to move it unless I feel the need to move it. If I’m having a rough day with sneezing and watery eyes, for example, I’ll generally tow the machine around from room to room throughout the day if I’m home all day.

Those examples might give you some ideas as far as what too look for when trying to decide if you need an air purifier. If you don’t have any sort of central ventilation system with air filters, the air could possibly be pretty stagnant and unclean inside your home. More so if you have pets or smoke indoors. Or maybe you do a lot of really aromatic cooking. Or maybe you have a fireplace that likes to kick back some puffs of smoke every once in  a while. All of those are valid reasons to evaluate the air quality and need for an air purifier.