HEPA Air Purifiers for Better Quality Air

HEPA Air Purifiers refer to devices that bring together the most effective air filtration system and added power for air purification. By including ultraviolet light systems and also activated charcoal to a HEPA purifier for air that is already of superior quality, this device is by all standards the most effective in the market where the enhancing of the quality of the air in your room is concerned.

The word HEPA turned into a household term in America despite the fact that it is no more a household brand. It actually stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor which refers to its very unique ability to get rid of 99.7% of all contaminants that are air borne such as pollen, cigarette smoke, dust mite tailings, airborne dust among many other allergens. Apart from its outstanding efficiency, the other feature that is definitely worth mentioning when it comes to HEPA purifiers for air, the size of particles that it can filter. HEPA Air Purifiers are able to filter particles that are up to 0.3 micrometers in size. This might not be of much essence to you but particles that fall under this range are in most cases the hardest to filter and include a number of the most dangerous contaminants to people who are affected by chemical sensitivities, asthma and allergies.

Apart from having the most effective filter across the board, a HEPA purifier for air also has added equipment for air purification that make sure that the air inside your room is the cleanest it can be. Ultraviolet light systems which are otherwise called Enhanced Germicidal Filtration Systems add virus and bacteria ultra valet killing to the equation. Filters lack the ability to get rid of biological hazards fully owing to the fact that they can only trap particles that are air borne. The ultraviolet light that I present in the EGF systems continues from where the filter stops by drastically decreasing the number of biological pollutants circulated throughout the unit. Apart from UV light, usually a HEPA purifier has an activated carbon filter which enhances the ability of the unit to get rid of bad odors and chemicals with out-gassing properties from the air also.

The one factor to bear in mind as you begin to shop for a HEPA purifier for air is the quality of the model that you buy. HEPA filter units and most certainly air purifiers are one thing you ought not to skimp on. Those that come cheap are inferior in more than one ways. Firstly, their operations are slower than the more expensive models thus they do not effectively clean the air. Second, the models that cost less most of the time contain ineffective and short lived carbon dust treated filters and not the quality activated charcoal ones. Finally, the units that cost less are not as long lasting as the more expensive ones. All these factors translate to one fact; it is better for you to spend a little more money and get a quality model now instead of spending less and find yourself in the market again a short period from now looking for a replacement.