Purifying Air Using Air Purification UV Lamp

Ultraviolet (UV) light refers to waves of high energy with wavelengths that range from 10nm to 400nm. These high energy waves carry with them a sufficient amount of energy that gets rid of bacteria, germs, fungi, and viruses etc that are found inside your room resulting in the death of microorganisms. One can obtain UV light from the sun and you can also artificially generate it using today’s technology. Humans also have vulnerability to UV light but to a limited extent; only affects the eyes and skin.

The moment the air that is inside your room gets into the filter of a cleaning device, the dust particles get trapped by a regular air filter. However, the viruses, bacteria etc are small thus they are able to go through the filter and at this point the power of the UV light becomes very effective. After the air goes through the filter, the UV light rays treat the air creating germ free, sterilized and clean air. In every cycle of air, the system zaps and filters the air that is coming in using UV light so as to purify it. The air purification UV lamp makes use of a duct-connected system to make sure that all the air inside your room is cycled by it.

It is possible to make use of a UV lamp for air purification in any place that has been enclosed and protected from sunlight, does not have circulation of air and is full of moisture. Moisture creates a conducive environment for bacteria to survive which results in sickness, sinus infections, mold, and odor among many other things. UV air purification lamps are greatly beneficial in hotels, gymnasiums, nursing homes, hospitals, homes among many other places. These are places that frequently breed these very small invisible microbes. Cleaning the air around making use of UV light is very beneficial to patients who suffer from breathing and lung troubles, respiratory problems and sinus infections.

In the world today, almost all the air conditioners have a UV air purification lamp system that apart from getting rid of all the germs in the air also gets rid of the need to regularly clean the Air conditioner system from the inside. A lot less mold will form on the coils and also the duct system thus getting rid of the need to frequently service the system. These kinds of modern air conditioning systems also give out negative hydroxyl ion which happens to be a very effective anti-pollutant and gets rid of air-contamination from the inside.

The air purification UV lamp works using a catalytic reaction of titanium oxide and exposure to UV light inside the unit which results in a very powerful oxidative effect on any microbes that go through it. This eliminates all the microbes, mold spores, pathogens, pollens or changes them into by products that are not capable of causing any harm.

The cleansing system that is found in the UV air purifier happens to be a photochemical process. The microscopic microorganisms and bugs that contaminate the air in your room are a large number of times organic based compounds which tend to break down upon exposure to high energy UV light.